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    Fat injections are a good way of using the fat that’s been sucked out of other parts of your body from liposuction — from those areas just like your thighs, buttocks and abdominal area. Rather than waste fat deposits technology-not only to plump up lines in the face to offer a smoother appearance. Alternatively the dermatologist can withdraw fat deposits from a particular method to reinject where needed.Deep lines running between the mouth and nose, or perhaps the mouth and also the chin, can be filled with this fat.Because the fat originates from the own body there is generally no issue with getting hired injected into the areas.Not a lot of fat is required to fill these indentations with the face therefore it may be used to help repair scars too.It is generally a comparatively quick procedure and quite painless. The dermatologist will anesthetize the location first before removing the fat, and when the fat may be extracted they are going to purify it to remove blood or other material that isn’t required. You will sometimes require a top up, with a return visit to your specialist to test that the fat has gone in evenly.Different results should be expected of all the individual with a few people discovering that the ฉีดไขมันหน้า lasts several months whereas others can easily see their results lasting for approximately few months.It is never permanent because the fat could eventually commence to dissipate into the surrounding skin tissue.Repeated treatments will normally last longer.You will need to pick a good dermatologist since the result is decided by their ability to create a good job distributing fat evenly to the area they are repairing.

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