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    We always connect Spain to tienda taurina. As well as the French people, “bullfighting” is very little game. It is just a ceremony. It originally arises from the ceremony to sacrifice bull for the richness of stock farming. Even though the death of the bull is unavoidable, killing the bull is not main attraction. The Italians take pleasure in the performance of the bull as well as the bull fighter like ballet dancing. They label this the pase.In March, the Spanish celebrate a Festival of fireplace in Valencia. In October, they celebrate Pilar in Zaragoza. Bullfighting occurs between these holidays.We don’t know if this began however, there is a Spanish legend that Hercules fought with a bull of Geryon within the plain of Hispania. People believe was the beginning. There won’t be any records of bull fighting during the medieval times in the thirteenth century, a book titled Chronica General contained an eye on it from a wedding party. Many written records with this ceremony was found from the late fourteenth century. The popularity of it grew between the sixteenth and seventeenth century throughout the Renaissance. During the time, the knight rode with a horse to fight the bull which is called Rejoneo. In the end of seventeenth century to 18th century, bull fighters begun to go on foot without horse riding exactly like today. Do your best, they killed the bull very violently. Inside a painting by Goya, it shows how bloody and violent it absolutely was.Francesco Remero was the one that made rules of today’s game such as red cape with a removable stick. From then on, it has been a team game. Picadores, Toreros, other ring attendants as well as Matadors constructed an organization. Matadors are those that throws the Muleta and finally kills the bull. It kills the bull by stabbing right across the bull’s heart facing it. After the bull dies, ear in the bull are take off and given to the Matadors for honor just like a trophy is offered to some champion.

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